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A series of modular toys that can

grow and evolve around the kid.

A number of objects (a sled + a sand digger + a swing + a suitcase + a toybox) that are all built around the same basic element which allows them to be reconfigured into one another (eg. a suitcase becomes a sled becomes a swing etc.).

As a series this project wants to illustrate both the flexibility of one modular component as well as the new opportunities that are offered by an open modular system as a whole.

All objects are based on the OpenStructures design principles.

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Contributions by



Istanbul - 2012

Thomas Lommée

Marijn Van Der Poll 

Christiane Hoegner

Tristan Kopp

Ricardo Carneiro

IKSV / Joseph Grima

all objects were commissioned

for the Adhocracy exhibition

Muriel Claeys

The choice for kids toys has multiple reasons:

First of all, small kids grow fast, so there is a real need for objects that can adapt and grow with them. Secondly, kids toys and furniture are most of the time very simple objects, which makes them interesting for Fablabs or home fabrication. and thirdly these objects have the potential to generate a community around them .. a community of motivated young fathers sharing experiences, exchanging knowledge and uploading new designs .. (and of course eager to create thé coolest toy for their kid).

Last but not least, if your kid has outgrown its toys, the components can again be reconfigured into other objects, such as a suitcase or a toolbox.

ToyBox by Christiane Hoegner

Suitcase by Marijn Van Der Poll

Sand digger by Tristan Kopp and Ricardo Carneiro

Sled by Artin Aharon in collaboration with Thomas Lommée