Trashcans are uniform objects, spread according to density within  public space  and ‘open’ to ‘input’ from the public.

We could give this ‘input’ a twist by adding one more trashcan and providing both cans with a word. Both cans thus become opposite answers to a central question.

The throw-away gesture then becomes a little political or social act, provoking citizens to pause for a moment and consider how they think about certain topics.

These topics can be both light or heavy, trivial or deep.

The overall installation will result in a kind of ‘public opinion barometer’, having no official value but allowing a community to ‘read’ their trashcans and see how the people around them think or feel.

The installation could also be used by local polititians or concerned citizens as a tool to initiate micro referendums around certain issues.


Garbage cans could be placed at underground exits where used tickets could be disposed as ‘voting bills’

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Can we materialize

public opinion?

The ‘Public exit polls’ experiment wants to improve public awareness

by twisting the gesture of dumping trash into a small political or social act.

Trash becomes a medium to express individual opinions and feelings.

Trashcans become inofficial ‘opinion meters’ within the local neighborhood.

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Concept & graphics

Paris - 2000

Thomas Lommée