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Can we reconnect

the neighborhood?

The panoramagram is an online messageboard for the local community.

It is conceived as a kind of real-time Simcity that is constantly fed by input from an existing neighborhood and its inhabitants. It hereby manifests itself as both an informative and social space within a local context.

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The panoramagram was originally created for Leidschenveen, a VINEX district in the Netherlands.

These VINEX districts are instant neighborhoods that have been recently built in order to accommodate the increasing Dutch population.

The panoramagram manifests itself as a digital isometric overview of the VINEX area. It’s a kind of real-time 3D simulation that is continuously receiving physical input from its local surroundings; wind, rain and temperature levels, as well as water, gas and energy consumption are all measured and fed into the drawing. This input is then converted into numerous small animations that are all displayed and integrated into the drawing, resulting in a kind of digital animation of reality.

(download the full panoramagram.jpg here).

The inhabitants of the area are then encouraged to browse the isometric model online. They are also given the opportunity to upload personal information or drag and drop small messages. These messages will vitalize the panoramagram and add a social dimension to it since it can now also be used as a messageboard, a marketplace and a newspaper for the local community.

The internet has already been extensively used for connecting people on a global level.
This project wants to use it as a tool to reinforce social cohesion within local communities.



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Thomas Lommée

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